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AlphaFit is a social workout application that lets users connect with their Facebook friends and share workouts. Users can create their own workouts, view their friends’ workouts and complete workouts via the Apple Watch companion application which seamlessly integrates with HealthKit. The idea behind this application was to bring gamification to the fitness world by allowing users to share workouts between their Facebook friends.
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built to be social

AlphaFit connects users with their Facebook friends via Facebook Login and queries the Facebook Graph API to display the user's Facebook Friends List.

customize your workout

Create your own dynamic workout and select from hundreds of different exercises pulled from a 3rd party fitness API. Filter exercises by body part and select a rep and set amount for each individual exercise. Complete each exercise with a rest period in either minutes or seconds. 

healthkit integration

The AlphaFit Apple Watch app integrates with HealthKit to display your heart rate during a workout and also track active energy burned (calories) and saves the information to the Health Store on both devices. The workouts you create on iOS are brought to life with the Apple Watch app. Select a weight for each set, track your reps and ensure you get the rest you need during your workout.
The app is aesthetically pleasing and comes across as a professionally developed application that would seem well suited for the app store.
Joseph Sheckels
Project & Portfolio 5 Instructor - Project Stakeholder


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