The Textbook Exchange for The 21st Century.

Turning your old textbooks into cash or finding textbooks for your upcoming classes at heavily discounted prices has never been easier thanks to Alexandria; the student-to-student textbook selling platform.
Easily Find Textbooks
Find the textbooks needed for your next class at heavily discounted prices from other students.
Barcode Scanning
Use the built-in barcode scanner  to retrieve your textbook info and quickly create listings or filter search results. 
Favorite Listings
Favorite listings for easy access later.
List in Seconds
Turn your old books into cash and list them for sale in seconds. 
Apple Pay
Pay for books quickly and securely with Apple Pay on iOS and Android Pay on Android.
Push Notifications
Receive alerts for important events such as another user purchasing your book.

Google Books + Barcode Scanning

Alexandria seamlessly integrates with the Google Books API and provides barcode scanning functionality that allows users to retrieve their book information by simply scanning the barcode. 

The Latest Payment Technology

Pay for textbooks quickly and securely in Alexandria using the latest payment technology, including Apple Pay and Android Pay. Book sellers get to keep 100% of the profit from their book sales when another user purchases their book!

Development Showcase

Watch as Alexandria is presented at the Full Sail University August 2017 Development Showcase by Luca Ventura.

Coming Soon To a School Near You.