Full Sail University

Mobile Development Bachelors of Science
Graduation Year
During my time at Full Sail I learned through hands-on, simulated real-world scenarios from well-versed industry professionals. I took ideas through the development lifecycle from concept and discovery to finished product with Agile methodologies and varying-length Sprints. Over the course of 20 months, I learned everything from core OOP principles to advanced Java concepts with multiple project classes throughout the degree. However, my thirst for knowledge lead me far beyond what I was simply taught inside the classroom. This thirst earned me numerous accolades and praise from all of those who have witnessed my work-ethic and dedication to doing what I love most.


Advanced Achievement Award

The Advanced Achievement Award is given to only one student in each graduating class. The award recognizes outstanding achievement throughout the whole program, acknowledging such things as effort, dedication, energy, sacrifice, skill, and leadership. Full Sail recognizes that the Advanced Achievement Award is one of its most prestigious awards and is usually indicative of a student who is most likely to succeed.


Course Director Awards

The Course Director’s Award may be conferred on a per-class basis to one or two students who have demonstrated outstanding effort and good attitude in completion of course projects and is based upon the Course Director’s decision.


Valedictorian Award

Upon graduation, the student with the highest GPA within his or her program will be named Valedictorian.
Final Project Showcase
Presentation showcasing the application built during my 2-month final project. The first month was dedicated to research, planning and discovery while the focus of the 2nd month was primarily on development using Agile methodologies.
Motivational Speech
In February of 2017 I was asked to give a TED Talk-style presentation at the Web Design and Development Showcase. I used this opportunity to talk about overcoming obstacles and turning failures into motivation.
Graduation Ceremony at the Full Sail Live auditorium where I received the Advanced Achievement Award, Valedictorian, and my Course Director Awards were announced.