Mobile Developer

Hello, I'm Luca.

Detail-oriented Mobile Developer with a broad range of experience in building native iOS and Android applications utilizing multiple SDK's and frameworks. Every day I continue to learn and grow as a developer with the goal of writing better code than I did the day before. I understand that change is the only constant in this industry and never ceasing to learn and adapt are fundamental traits that make a great developer. I strive to craft beautifully designed applications that offer an immersive user experience while maintaining clean and well-structured code. Whether it's jumping into a new language, discovering the latest SDKs, or refining what I already know, I'm always pushing the boundaries of what I am capable of today, tomorrow, and in the future.


 I have always had a thirst for knowledge which helped me excel at becoming self-taught, however, my quest for higher education lead me to enroll in Full Sail University. In just 2 short years my dedication not only earned me a bachelors degree but multiple awards and accolades.



Dec 2018 - Present

Chief Technology Officer

Objective-Zero is a non-profit organization that offers a revolutionary mobile application which connects veterans in a time of crisis to a peer support network. Succeeding where others have failed, the Objective Zero Foundation is a mission-driven tech start-up that leads the pack in the fight against veteran suicide, connecting every veteran in America to suicide prevention support and resources.


2017 - Present

Mobile Software Engineer

Mobile Software Engineer at Forcura developing, designing and maintaining their enterprise-level native iOS and Android application which features a suite of advanced features used by 100s of the top Home Health and Hospice agencies nationwide. Functionality includes document scanning, secure messaging and wound measuring utilizing Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Java, and C++ as well as the latest design and architecture patterns, including MVVM and Reactive programming.
Jr. Mobile Software Engineer
Nov. 2017 - May 2018

Ventura Visions

2015 - Present

Founder & Lead Mobile Developer (iOS & Android)

Bringing mobile visions to reality by developing, designing and architecting native iOS and Android applications at all stages of the development lifecycle. From idea to finished application on both platforms or simple UI redesigns, no matter the project the details always matter. Technologies used include: Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Java, MVVM architecture paradigms, NoSQL, Firebase, NodeJS, and more.

Full Sail University

2016 - 2017

Mobile Development Tutor

Tutor at Full Sail University for all Mobile Development program classes, ranging from iOS and Android development to User Experience principles and prototyping. Working with students on programming topics helped me to refresh my knowledge of previously learned topics and gain a better understanding of them through teaching and demonstration.


2011 - 2014

Web Designer

During my free time in High School, I was a freelance Web Designer and built websites for small businesses. After building numerous websites for clients and experimenting with WordPress theme development I wanted to branch out and expand my knowledge into Mobile Development. This naturally lead me to pursue a degree in Mobile Development at Full Sail University. Being a freelancer taught me many valuable lessons in terms of working for myself and being able to manage my time properly, traits I continually strengthen and build-upon today.

Luca Ventura

Detail-Oriented Developer, Leader, and Technology Enthusiast.